How to Wear Spring’s Belt Trend

As someone who loves to accentuate her waist in her daily style, I understand belts. And as a sometimes wearer of ill-fitting pants, I admit that I need the belt. But whenever I go shopping or get dressed and see that chunky or chain-y accessory, it causes me a moment’s pause.

For such a small piece of fabric, the belt can be very intimidating. When done right, you look rich. When done wrong, you look pretty wrecked. 

A slight tuck of fabric or rise of jeans can be the difference between looking like an effortlessly cool Rihanna or a Blair Waldorf wannabe. But what is fashion for, if not to be bold and take chances — or so was the school of thought on the runways as designers showed their spin on how to style spring’s belt trend. 

For anyone wanting to zhuzh up their style and tackle this fashion without making a faux pas, we break down how to style a belt in 2022.

The Chain Belt

To embrace the chain belt, you must first embrace the nineties as they are one and the same.Just as a statement necklace or a pair of earrings can add some much-needed oomph to an outfit, the same can be said of this waist accessory.Follow in the footsteps of this influencer and pair a chain belt with a boxy cropped jacket and high-waisted pants or skirt.

The Preppy Belt

Whether you dreamed of attending Constance Billard à la Gossip Girl or Chilton Prep like Rory Gilmore, the key to capturing this trend is channeling your inner school girl.

Depending on your comfort level, both low and high-rise trousers are sure to earn you an A+.

The Wide Belt

Perhaps the most anxiety-inducing of all the styles, the wide belt can quickly veer into costume territory if you’re not careful. Avoid doing a Pink Ladies from Grease impression by going for a streamlined silhouette with monochromatic colours — no A-line skirts allowed. As seen on this off-duty model, look for a structured dress or blazer to give the ensemble an edge and pair it with minimal accessories. Business casual has never looked so chic.

Yellow is the New It Colour for Spring

Yellow has always signified warmth and happiness, making it the perfect colour to inject into your spring wardrobe. This season, designers such as Prada, Courrèges and Sergio Hudson showcased plenty of yellow-hued pieces on the runway. From butter-smooth faux leather trenches to satin platform pumps, there’s something for everyone. Also seen in street styles and on the market, and even in home decor, yellow is the hottest colour in spring 2022 fashion.

There is no wrong way to wear yellow. Whether you go for a sophisticated head-to toe monochrome look or mix it up with sporty styles, such as a retro bowling shirt or a nylon anorak, there are many different ways that this color can work its magic. 

Mixing and matching different shades of yellow can pose a fun challenge for those who are feeling brave. Or even better, take a gander at colour-blocking, as this ’80s/2010s trend is back in full swing. But if colour is not your forte, adding a bright-coloured accessory such as a handbag, sunglasses or jewellery will instantly cheer up any outfit.

If you’re looking to add some brightness to your wardrobe, this is the trend for you. From buttercup and canary to lemon, contact us to customize your yellow fashion items.

“halter neck” is the mainstream

People’s pursuit of sexy has always been advancing, and the once-popular suspenders and tube tops have been worn out. Tube tops are out of fashion for a long time. “Hanging neck style” is the mainstream this year. I will teach you how to wear them.

Is there a dress that can satisfy your sexy style? The answer is yes, that is the halter-neck dress, which is super fashionable and attractive to wear.

Halter-style clothes have a long history, and they have been used by designers to design clothes more than ten years ago. At that time, there was also a craze for hanging-neck clothes.

However, in the following years, this style of clothing slowly faded out of people’s vision, and until recent years, it has regained its popularity. Tube tops are not popular anymore. This summer, “halter-neck style” is the mainstream, and it’s all-match to wear fashionable.

Whether it’s fashion week or daily shopping, you can see many young and beautiful girls wearing halter-neck clothes, which are particularly eye-catching and attractive. Next, let’s take a look at how to wear the halter-neck clothes.

Hanging neck style dressing plan
Look1, halter-neck olive green fringed dress

The style of hanging neck seems to be the favorite of girls with trapezius muscles. Compared with them, the style of slings will easily slip off the shoulder straps, which makes people feel embarrassed. If the style of tube top has auxiliary breasts, it’s better. It seems that the whole person is stronger.

But the appearance of the hanging neck is simply good for them. The olive green color will make your fair skin look more transparent and shiny.

If you want to wear a long skirt, but you feel that the skirt of the long skirt is in the way, you can choose a fringed style at the bottom of the skirt, which is very eye-catching and elegant when walking. If the color of the shoes can match the color of the skirt Keep it consistent, and it's even more surprising.
Look2, halter-neck dark green long dress

When going on vacation, I always think that the more comfortable it is to wear, the simpler the better. The fabric of the skirt should be very breathable. After all, in such a hot summer season, no one wants to be cool every day.

The hem of the skirt is better to be longer, not only to prevent your legs from being tanned, but also to make the whole person look slender and temperamental. The shoulder strap of the skirt is best to choose the style of hanging neck, and it is best to show a large back, and it is particularly sexy to wear.

Whether it is a concave shape for taking pictures or going to scenic spots, it is very eye-catching. The color of the skirt can be dark green, which is a visually enjoyable color.

Look3, halter neck stitching striped dress

Girls with a slender figure can choose slim dresses to show their good figure. If you want to be conservative and want to wear a halter-neck skirt, then be conservative in color and choose black.

Black itself tends to appear thinner, but the overall black is easy to be monotonous, and there are some stitching designs on the neckline of the skirt.

For example, you can choose brown, silver, and white stitching design as a bright spot to attract everyone. Generally, the thinner the straps of the halter neck are, the more sexy the person appears, and the smaller the person’s face is.

Look4, halter-style black overalls

Some halter clothes are not only skirts, but also trousers. However, regular trousers certainly cannot meet the requirements of halter necks. Overalls are a good option.

Imagine that the loose overalls are in the style of halter neck, the chest is deep V-neck, let alone other things, at least the sexy aspect must be satisfied, and this kind of overalls will definitely give people a refreshing look. feel.
You can choose a small sling for the inner wear, which seems to be more sexy, and at the same time, it is a cool girl.
Look5, halter-neck white short skirt

Short white dresses can also be very sexy and cute, especially for girls with smaller breasts, and girls with larger breasts are more sexy.
A short skirt can expose the calf part, which is visually particularly high, and the skirt is preferably A-shaped, which has a better effect.

Through the hanging neck technique, you can also see the charming collarbone and superior shoulder and neck line, and girls with thin arms should not miss the short hanging neck dress, which will only make everyone look more attractive.

Look6, halter neck split dress

Some halter-neck dresses are more special in the halter and have a knotted design, while others are simpler. The type of knotting can be adjusted by yourself, or it can be fixed by the seller when you buy it.

The long skirt with halter neck may look too elegant sometimes. If you want to be more sexy, you can try to design the slit on the side of the skirt to expose your calf. If the fork is opened higher, The thigh part is also possible.

In addition to the fabric of the skirt that you often see, there is also an ice silk fabric that looks similar to knitted fabric, but it is much cooler than it.

Halter-neck clothes really have many advantages. Many people ask why halter-neck clothes make people look thinner. This is because the halter neck and everyone's shoulders form a triangle.

The triangle area is very thin visually, so it will make you look more sexy. Halter tops can also be matched with wide-leg jeans and polka-dot dresses. This is particularly French style. Halter dresses are really worry-free and fashionable. No matter what kind of halter dress, you can’t miss it.

Best wearing experience “ATHFLOW” suit

In the past few years, we have been trapped by the global epidemic, and everyone has more time to stay home, so our requirements for wearing comfort are also increasing day by day. As a result, there is a huge popularity of comfortable sports suits, from entertainers to bloggers to ordinary people will fall in love with it.

Most of these suits are made of pure cotton, which is an important reason to ensure their wearing comfort. After all, as a popular item born in a home isolation environment, comfort is the biggest consideration.

In addition to comfort, the wearability of the ATHFLOW sports suit is also very high. Wear it at home, you can just wear it alone; when you wear it out, you can use it as an inner coat for overcoats and down jackets. It is not only comfortable but also warm, and it is no wonder that Hailey wears it almost every time he goes out.


Such suits are also highly compatible with shoes. Whether it is often wearing new sports shoes or the most IN thick-soled boots of the year, the ATHFLOW suit can control it. In this way, the wearability of shoes and clothes will be improved a lot.