Inspirations for your 2022 Spring Moodboard(Sept – Oct)

Spring is the time to let go of those winter layers and experiment with fashion. Whether it be a new style or cut, fun colour or a quirky print, spring is all about having fun with what you’re wearing.

With spring around the corner, it's time to lighten up on the fabric. From floral prints to good old fashioned graphic tees, here are some styles to freshen up your online store.

Boyfriend shirts

A button-up white shirt is, has and always will be a wardrobe staple. However, this spring the trend will be expanding to a more oversized boyfriend shirt aesthetic to spice things up a bit. Think stripes and bright colours with a large fit that can be worn with pants or skirts or even styles as a dress.


Don’t want to let go of the loungewear you were rocking all winter long? Great news – you don’t have to! It seems as if the loungewear trend isn’t going anywhere, with an array of retailers dropping versions appropriate for the warmer weather. Replace those sweatpants with some soft shorts, and those hoodies with a comfy graphic tee. You can simply never have enough loungewear – it’s a scientific fact.

Statement pants

Say hello to statement pants. We’re not talking your average mom jeans either. Flare pants, loud prints and wide leg pants are all going to be a main mood for the spring season. Say goodbye to the status quo of “jeans and a nice top” because pants are going to be the star of the show this spring.

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves are the feminine and elegant trend that’s demanding a spot in your wardrobe. Puffy sleeves will be present across dresses, crop tops, blouses and cardigans. Expect to see this style in an array of variety from structured fits to more flowing designs.

Open backs

Open backs are well, back and also perfect for trans-seasonal weather when things are starting to heat up. Similar to puffy sleeves, this trend is great to level up your outfits and give them some extra oomph. This style will be seen across intricate tie-up backs or low-cut draping styles that ooze elegance.

2000s fashion

2000s fashion was a big prediction for 2021 fashion and it has not disappointed. It’s time to dust off the velour tracksuit, grab the bedazzler and put on the fade sunglasses because the 2000s are back and better than ever. It also gives you the perfect excuse to go and rewatch all your favourite old-school movies for some fabulous fashion inspo.

Chunky jewellery

A trend heavily influenced by the 2000s is chunky jewellery. Including rings, necklaces and bracelets – the more jewellery you can fit on the better. If it’s large, beaded or stoned then bonus points. Beaded and pearl necklaces are having a big moment in the spotlight as well as gemstone rings.

Baseball caps

Batter up!

It has been a while since we’ve seen hats as a major trend for spring but the rise of “effortless chic” has brought baseball caps back in fashion.

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X Fabrics and Prints to Perk Up Your Product Line

Everyone’s eagerness to dress up with excitement, to put on some new, fresh, creative garments is embodied in the fashion trends. Texture and unusual designs are big this season. The chilly weather won’t hinder this year’s blooms; thus, the overall look of the year will be more profound with earthier blossoms, as well as a burst of neon. There is great enthusiasm among the crowd for the eclectic mix of designs that will emerge this season. 

Fashion trends change every year. For an industry as dynamic as the fashion industry, clothing manufacturers and retailers should keep up with the upcoming trends to stay relevant in the market. Most of these use global sales data to check on the buying pattern of consumers around the world.

Let's take a look at this fabric and pattern. They will perk up your product line.

  1. Faux fur 

According to reports, the sales of faux fur is expected to rise by 18% in the coming years. This makes it the most trending fabric of the year. Last year was a huge one for the fashion industry, as a large number of well-known designers announced that they would no longer use actual fur in their designs. ‘Modern luxury involves being socially and ecologically responsible,’ stated Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti in a statement. Designers like Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Coach, and Michael Kors are using more ethical and ecological alternatives to fur. 

Most of this fabric will be used to manufacture apparel and upholstery, which will remain in trend for a few years to come. 

  1. Floral prints 

Who said flowers could only be worn? People enjoy the floral twist on everything from clothes to bandanas to scarves, and there is no doubt this fashion trending fabric will take off! A global sales report suggests that the demand for printed fabrics, such as floral prints, is expected to grow by nearly 8.7% in the coming months. This season focuses on arty twists and making fancy appear and feel enjoyable, from whimsical and quirky designs to brilliant, lively colours. Fashion enthusiasts can expect to see a wide variety of luxuriously printed silks in various formats. A deeper and more earthy tone palette of flowers is expected to flood the market this year, though they are often associated with spring and summer. 

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The Best Street Style Seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2023

As fashion lovers descend upon Copenhagen to see designers’ Spring 2023 collections, there is much anticipation in the air for what trends will dominate the upcoming season. Stylish Danes, beloved international influencers and up-and-coming social stars delivered a healthy serving of street style to inspire us out of our fashion rut (as per usual).

In true Scandinavian fashion, there were plenty of effortless looks that have one foot in summer and another in fall — cut-outs and midriff-baring looks paired with gloves, leg-warmers and fuzzy hats gave us reason to splurge on new fall accessories before the leaves start to change their colours.

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Festival Outfits to Wear This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to break out your best festival outfits. Whether you’re headed to Field Trip, Veld or Osheaga, music festivals are the perfect venue to show off your unique style. And with so many different types of events — from country fairs to electronic dance parties — the fashion options are endless.

So, this season, kick your wardrobe up a notch by drawing inspiration from Coachella and Glastonbury. From Western-inspired ensembles (think fringe jackets and cowboy boots) to colour-blocking and bold prints, this year’s most popular festival outfits will have you standing out in the crowd in the best way possible.

Ava Granny Tank

Faye Dress

Orla Wired Body Black


Lace Back Tee

Blue Earrings


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Babydoll Dress is a Timeless Summer Staple

Babydoll dresses are like Popsicles. Sure, you can get through summer without them, but it wouldn’t be as sweet.

Bouncy and delicate, there’s a reason the style has been around for decades. But it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Originally, the term “babydoll dress” was used to refer to the mini women’s nightgown designed by Sylvia Pedlar in the 1940s. It was later popularized in the 1956 movie Baby Doll, and soon after, the lingerie was everywhere, often worn with bloomers. In the ‘90s, they went from dainty nighty to “kinderwhore” staple, worn by grunge girls like Courtney Love.

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