Designs Skills

Send Us Your Idea
Or We Can Design
For You

Send Us Your Design

Show us your tech packs or design sheets,
we can help to you source fabric and accessories
to match your design and then raise a real sample for you.


Old, Worn Out

Key figure pattern:
print / animal skin / gradient / shaped camouflage.

frayed knit / shaped material patchwork / sleeves /
asymmetric / wrap structure balaclava cap


Hand-drawn, designed to your specifications.

Specifying each part of the garment, such as accessories/process/shape/size, etc.

3D Drawing

Make 3D effects according to style and fabric properties.
Realize 360-degree observation / Fitting multi-scene optional /
Can change different colors

We Can Design For You

If you are new to this business, we have over 5000 styles
for you to pick from, we can redesign it according to your requirements.