Product Details

  • Category Dresses
  • Style Collar Flap Detail Belted Blazer

Product description

This formal suit jacket has a classic lapel neckline design and a simple solid color tone for easy fit. The thin belt around the waist adds charm and fashion. Pair with suit pants or suit skirt to create an elegant OL style.
The satin fabric with luster and lustrous, light and draping breaks the impression of toughness of the windbreaker. In the details, the classic elements of the windbreaker are retained, full of high-level sense. Blue is all versatile and stylish, with a capable and fashionable “big woman” temperament. This belted Blazer has a loose version and is very tolerant of different figures. Combined with sophisticated tailoring, it not only hides the flesh and looks thin after putting it on, it is also very neat and stylish. The mid-length design cleverly hides the plump hips and buttocks, making the waist and hip lines more beautiful and smooth.

Collar Flap Detail Belted Blazer is capable and energetic, with small shoulder pads, sleeves, and wide-leg designs, adding a powerful atmosphere, capable and fashionable. The inner shirt of the same color is made of satin material, silky and comfortable texture, looks very expensive, and elegant in the high class. Although the whole is the same color, only because of the different materials, it presents different levels. The Blue Collar Flap Detail Belted Blazer is capable and elegant, and it is highly sophisticated. Although it is easy and simple to wear the same color, the use of small areas of embellishment, different fabrics, different colors and innovative ways of wearing can make the wear more advanced.

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