Product Details

Part 1. Sample lead time 3-5 days

Step 1. Receive tech packs

Style/size requirements/fabric and accessories requirements

Step 2. Purchasing fabrics and accessories
Purchase according to customer’s requirements
Step 3. Making paper pattern & 3Ddrawing
Make paper pattern and 3D effect according to style and fabric properties
Step 4. Cut fabric and sewing
Cut and sew according to pattern and appearance requirements
Step 5. Sample completed/checked/sentout
The technician will check the sample and send it after approval
Step 6. Quotation
Quotation is made based on the amount of fabric and accessories of the sample and the cost of sewing
Step 7. Order confirmed
Received the customer’s purchase order

Part 2. Lead time of bulk production: 2-4 weeks

Step 1. Purchase bulk fabrics / accessoriesand labels
Purchase bulk fabrics、accessories and labels according to sample quality and order quantity
Step 2. Pre-production sample approval
Received customer fit comments, and raise a pre-production samples as required
Step 3. Confirmedthe full size specification
After the pre-production version is confirmed, make the full size specification for customer’s approval and confirmation
Step 4. Fabric inspection Cutting and sewing
Fabric inspection ,making marker planning, cut fabric, and sewing
Step 5. Bulk inspectionand packaging
A. Initial inspection(Check stitches for panels)
B. Middle inspection (check the size and workmanship after the first batch of finished products come out),
C. Final inspection (check the packaging appearance after 80% of the finished products are finished)
Step 6. Ship and delivery
Different ship mode Air and sea as per customer’s requirement

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