Hello, We are D&J

D&J is part of the Marvel Fashion Supplier Chain of Companies.
Specializing in Ladies’ Fast Fashion Garment Manufacturing and Design.

D&J Design Service

Looking for designers to execute your ideas to become products in the market?
D&J provided design services to support your master plan.

D&J Production Steps

How do the ideas from an order become products of your fashion empire?
We like to show it more and not just certificates.
D&J like to ensure clients every cent is worth it and more.

D&J Introduction of Recycled Fabrics

Recycling or upcycling is a way of living nowadays.
It’s all about how to benefit our world and good for our generations.
We encourage clients to take the first step with us because we care.

D&J Products Showreel

Want some more ideas for your fashion business?
Our pieces may give a little help.
Our production lines are not only for dresses but many more.